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Customer reviews

I recommend DioxiRinse™ Mouthwash to any of my patients with periodontal problems; ranging from slight inflammation to full blown periodontal disease. I have seen amazing results from my patients who use the rinse properly. I have found that DioxiRinse™ helps to maintain a health flora in their mouths

- Jennifer Zoller, RDH

My family are all thrilled with this product. WE HAVE GIVEN UP LISTERINE, Thank U for sweet breath, my husband and I enjoy our morning breath because it is so neutral, so much so... that we
breathe into each other mouth to c if it still has the odorless effect, It REALLY WORKS!

- Maryann C

I have been recommending DioxiRinse to my patients since December 2008. I have observed that the rinse does an excellent job suppressing the bacterial plaque without staining the teeth. In addition, patients seem to enjoy rinsing with it and comment how fresh it makes their mouth feel.

- Dr. David Scharf, DDS, DMD

My son has been using your mouth rinse for over 8 years. He had gingivitis so bad he had lost most of his back teeth and his front teeth were so loose that he could hardly chew. He is 57. He has not lost any more teeth since using the mouthwash and his remaining teeth are stable. His dentist is amazed. Thanks.

- Annetta K

About Us

Frontier Pharmaceutical, Inc. develops, manufactures, markets and licenses active chlorine dioxide based products incorporating the proprietary DioxiCare® System. Frontier specializes in the topical application of chlorine dioxide, on the body and on hard surfaces. Products are formulated as liquids, gels, pastes and soaps. Uses include: oral care, skin care, wound care and surface treatment. The DioxiCare® System was developed by Howard Alliger, founder of Frontier and pioneer in the chemistry of chlorine dioxide.

Mr. Alliger was the first to patent a method (in 1978) of utilizing chlorine dioxide for topical diseases and other "small-scale" applications. Prior to this, chlorine dioxide, which is a gas, was utilized only on a large scale, such as for the treatment of municipal water supplies, and paper pulp bleaching.

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