The Science of Chlorine Dioxide

When hearing the words "chlorine dioxide" you probably think of chlorine, a harsh chemical used in the backyard pool. Both are oxidizing agents but have little else in common. Chlorine dioxide is a friendly compound used to disinfect meat, seafood, fruit and surfaces, whiten teeth, eliminate odors, and treat wounds and infections. Numerous studies have shown that chlorine dioxide, at appropriate concentrations, has no adverse health effects, either by skin contact or ingestion. It does not irritate or leave toxic residues, as does chlorine bleach, nor inhibit wound healing, as do many strong disinfectants. On the contrary, chlorine dioxide offers many benefits.

Interestingly, chlorine dioxide is a gas, and not easily incorporated into a usable product. Frontier Pharmaceutical developed a method of generating the gas and then utilizing its properties on an as-needed basis. This system is called DioxiCare®. By combining two component parts of the System, at the time of use, chlorine dioxide is released into a solution or a gel at a controlled concentration. The generation of chlorine dioxide is immediate, and the resulting product is highly suited for topical applications. The DioxiCare System separates Frontier's products from other chlorine dioxide preparations. 

Newly developed by Frontier is a single stable solution and gel containing a chlorine dioxide complex. With this system it is no longer necessary to mix two parts to generate chlorine dioxide. This technology is utilized in several of Frontier's products.

Features of the DioxiCare® System

  1. The DioxiCare System is a fast-acting, complete spectrum disinfectant. It kills BACTERIA, VIRUSES, FUNGUS, YEAST and SPORES, and the speed of kill is typically within one minute, in vitro (in the laboratory).

    Chlorine dioxide deactivates microorganisms by breaking the bacterial cell wall, or, in the case of viruses, by loosening the viral envelope. This action occurs immediately upon exposure.

    Bacteria Before and After Chlorine Dioxide TreatmentBecause animal cells do not have cell "walls", as do microorganisms, human tissue is not affected by the same action. For this reason, chlorine dioxide is safe for use in drinking water as well as for application to the skin.

    Of importance as well, the use of chlorine dioxide does not result in the creation of resistant strains of microorganisms, such as occur with other disinfectants like Triclosan.
  1. The DioxiCare® System is an excellent odor remover. Chlorine dioxide eliminates or neutralizes odor by a process known as oxidation. It is not a masking agent. The same oxidizing properties result in a bleaching or whitening action.
  2. The DioxiCare System is non-toxic and non-irritating, making the compound suitable for use on the body. Chlorine dioxide does not break down into irritating and carcinogenic by-products, as does chlorine bleach. The safety of chlorine dioxide is confirmed by extensive testing, including many studies performed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  3. Studies show that DioxiCare is an outstanding promoter of wound healing, and has successfully treated many skin diseases. In addition to antimicrobial properties, the DioxiCare System likely oxidizes and neutralizes free radicals and cytokines - the irritating compounds released by the body in response to injury or disease.

To Frontier's knowledge, there are no other disinfectants available that quickly kill all forms of micro organisms, do not inhibit wound healing, and are safe for use on the body.

Frontier Pharmaceutical has performed many efficacy and toxicity studies on its various products and formulations. EPA and FDA approval have not yet been obtained for any disinfection or medical claims made by Frontier.

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