About Us

Frontier Pharmaceutical Founder Howard AligerFrontier Pharmaceutical, Inc. develops, manufactures, markets and licenses active chlorine dioxide based products incorporating the proprietary DioxiCare® System. Frontier specializes in the topical application of chlorine dioxide, on the body and on hard surfaces. Products are formulated as liquids, gels, pastes and soaps. Uses include: oral care, skin care, wound care and surface treatment. The DioxiCare® System was developed by Howard Alliger, founder of Frontier and pioneer in the chemistry of chlorine dioxide. Mr. Alliger was the first to patent a method (in 1978) of utilizing chlorine dioxide for topical diseases and other "small-scale" applications. Prior to this, chlorine dioxide, which is a gas, was utilized only on a large scale, such as for the treatment of municipal water supplies, and paper pulp bleaching. Mr. Alliger therefore opened the field of chlorine dioxide and made it practical for topical use. The full potential of chlorine dioxide is only now being realized. Our company's goal is to provide quality chlorine dioxide-based products to the consumer, professional and military markets. Given DioxiCare's® diversity, we believe that Frontier's products will become a household name in both the home and work environments.

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