SNOOT! Chlorine Dioxide Nasal Cleanser (4oz Kit with Nasal Sprayer)

$ 39.99


Snoot! Cleanser is like nothing else you have ever tried.  We have taken the goodness of the 3,000+ year-old practice of Neti Pot-based sinus rinsing to a whole new level — and we're changing how people take care of themselves and their sinuses. Snoot! small purse-sized sprayer rinses mucus and foreign particles such as microbes from your nose and sinuses, and just like a Neti Pot, it leaves you and your nose happier and healthier. Our customers tell us that they find Snoot! Cleanser helpful for sinusitis, colds, flu, allergies and just general stuffiness.

Snoot! is a patented formula that generates the optimal concentrations of chlorine dioxide for cleaning the nasal passages. Snoot! is super convenient, easy to use, and eliminates all the guesswork of mixing ClO2 on your own. This is the latest product created by Frontier Pharmaceutical, the leaders in topical chlorine dioxide use.

Snoot! is simple to make. Measure equal parts of A and B in the provided dosing cups (5ml to 10ml, depending on your daily usage). Pour both parts in the nasal sprayer and you're ready to go. Mix a new batch every 7 days. Each kit provides 6 - 12 weeks of relief.

Snoot! is available in two strengths - the Original "STRONG" formula and the new "MILD" formula. The STRONG formula is about twice the concentration of the MILD.

This product contains one Snoot! Cleanser 120ml Kit, containing:
Two 60ml Bottles of Solution (one each, Parts A & B)
Two Mixing Cups
One 20ml Nasal Sprayer


Snoot! Ingredients: Water, glycerin, lactic acid, citric acid, sodium carbonate, sodium chlorite, sodium hydroxide, polysorbate 20, cinnamal, poloxamer 407, glutaral, FD&C blue #1, D&C Red #33. Mixture contains: chlorine dioxide.