Ciderm SP Antiseptic Wound Spray (8oz)

$ 28.99


Ciderm SP Chlorine Dioxide Liquid is ideal for topical use on cuts, small wounds, abrasions, hot spots, animal bites, post surgery incisions, skin infections, punctures and abscesses. Ciderm is excellent for clinical use on large wounds and incisions, open fractures, most topical dermatitis, abrasions, ulcers, abscesses, burns, perianal and anal sac infection and infected calluses. May also be used as a pre surgical skin prep. The spray does not bleach hair. This is an ideal size for use in large animal practice.

Ciderm Liquid has a year and a half shelf life. Store at room temperature, out of excessive heat.


CidermSP Antiseptic Wound Spray: Water, DioxiCare Chlorine Dioxide Complex (chlorodioxy urea), glycerin, nacconol, tween 20