Nail-It Chlorine Dioxide Solution for Nail Fungus (1oz)

$ 28.98

Nail-It Fungus Remover is the only medication that kills, in vitro, all germs infecting the nail --- fungus, yeast, bacteria, and dermatophytes. In the lab, Nail-It deactivates these organisms within one minute, including T. rubrum, the most common cause of nail infection, and T. mentagrophytes.

Toenail fungus is particularly hardy and difficult to eradicate. Few other topical antiseptics work even reasonably well at eliminating nail fungus. Most treatments do not penetrate to the source of the infection, which is deep under the nail and protected.

Nail-It Fungus Remover appears to penetrate under the nail and sinks into the skin around the nail. Applying the solution is particularly easy. The liquid is clear and disappears in a few seconds after application. Nail-It is usually applied every day or every other day.

Some noticeable results can be seen with 5 or 6 applications, especially the removal of discoloration.

Nail-It contains DioxiCare® - Chlorine Dioxide ComplexTM, one of the fastest known antiseptics. This ingredient will oxidize organic debris and off-colors, soften the nail, as well as attack the germs underneath. Because chlorine dioxide is a gas, a small molecule, soluble in both oil and water, it has excellent penetrating properties. Nail-It penetrates and enters the thick keratin debris that gathers below the infected nail.

Fungus of the toenail affects over 30 million people, especially the elderly. Nail-It Fungus Remover may be used at any stage of the infection.  But the best way to treat nail infection is to halt it early. Fungus usually begins at the tip of the toenail and progresses toward the cuticle, unless halted.

Nail-It Fungus Remover has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.


      Nail-It Nail Fungus Treatment: Water, DioxiCare Chlorine Dioxide Complex (chlorodioxy urea), glycerin, cellulose thickener