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  • Many treatments for wart removal are painful, toxic, and may require repeated doctor visits. Two million patients a year in the U.S. seek professional advice. Seven million patients have plantar warts which often are highly irritating and intractable.

    WuzaWart Wart Remover is an easy home remedy for stubborn warts. Chlorine dioxide along with wetting agents quickly penetrate the wart tissue and attack the papilloma virus which causes the wart. This virus is anaerobic (oxygen avoiding) and highly susceptible to oxidation.

    When applying WuzaWart Liquid every day, the wart usually starts disappearing in about 1-2 weeks on the hands, and 6 weeks for plantar warts on the bottom of the foot. Warts will sometimes turn black in about 3 weeks indicating that the virus is being killed. Generally, the older the wart, the longer it takes to remove.

    Directions: WuzaWart Liquid should be applied once or twice daily with the supplied brush or a cotton swab.

    WuzaWart Liquid contains: chlorine dioxide complex and surfactants. The Liquid is supplied in a plastic 1 ounce bottle.

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    Wuzawart Liquid has not been tested or approved by the FDA.

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